Lesson 2: Just Say No

Drugs and dating (if you're actually serious about meeting a potential partner) just don't mix...

The first time that I had a guy show up high on a first date with me, it took me about 30 seconds to question in my own head whether or not this guy was actually high, and about 1 minute elapsed before I actually just bucked up and asked the guy (it was quite clear he was not of sober mind). His giggly reply said it all...

Being rather stunned and knowing the plan for the date was just to find a Starbucks and have a coffee, I somehow didn't wind up leaving immediately... I continued to the Starbucks and drank my coffee with him (rather quickly, though, since I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with his complete lack of ability to carry on any sort of conversation...unless you would consider the case of the giggles he got when a little of my coffee spilled on my shirt "conversation").

In subsequent dates with other men, I had one or two show up already drunk and then one who actually had the balls to smoke weed in front of me during the date, despite the fact that earlier in the I said that I find it to be pretty lame at this point in life (30-something).

On a first date, if someone shows up already drunk or high or gets high in front of you... Chances are they're not particularly serious about finding any sort of true relationship with you.

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Satorical said...

Definitely. Why bother if you're not interested in meeting someone without the crutches? And nothing sucks more than drunk sex.